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Our questionnaire is being shared with collaborators in Brazil, Mexico, Chile and India who have funding for a multi-country study that will replicate large areas of our data collection which will enable us to have access to a multi-country data set for comparative analysis of data on men and masculinities.A new report from the MRC’s Gender and Health Research Unit tries to understand the prevalence of rape perpetration in a random sample community-based adult men as well as understanding factors associated with rape perpetration, and to describe intersections between rape, physical intimate partner violence and HIV.Email: [email protected] The aim of this research is to contribute to understanding about how people from the community perceive discussing violence in a research context and what are their concerns related to this.

Screening tools will also be used with the children to assess psychological symptomatology.

Finally qualitative interviews were conducted with providers trained in two facilities before and after training and also with a further group of 15 providers some months after training, the aim being to explore the extent and nature of health system barriers to service improvement after training.

E-mail: [email protected] Project publications This study is being undertaken in collaboration with the School of Education Studies at the University of Kwa Zulu Natal (Robert Morrell) and Emory University (Kristin Dunkle).

In 2008 the curriculum was piloted with the training of 144 health care providers from 8 provinces in 4 two week training courses. First all trainees had to complete a MCQ before and after the course to test knowledge.

Through this we established effectiveness in significantly increasing knowledge.

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