Dating daddy39s little girl

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As we continue our look at the whole notion of "Emotional Unavailability" I am drawing from the book by . So Mama's Boys and Daddy's Girls receive over time a very unique message: "I'm special, rules don't apply to me, if I get consequences Mom or Dad will fix it." These folks clearly come to earnestly believe that they can do anything they want.

They never had to feel their feelings - 'cause Mama and Daddy always kiss the boo-boo and make the hurt go away.

Jake and Finn make grossed-out faces at each other, and Jake drops the banana he has been carrying.

They decide to return to the Nightosphere to save her.

The phone has finally charged, and Finn and Jake proceed to watch videos of their time in the Nightosphere. The first one shows Finn and Jake fooling around with the camera before entering the Nightosphere to hang out with Marceline, at her offer to come with her.

The second shows a scene in which Marceline's dad flies in abruptly to tell Marceline that he wishes for her to take over the family business and rule the Nightosphere.

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