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Peter's Cathedral in Erie, Pennsylvania, can be discounted as the chimes were not installed at St.

Peter's until four years after the work's publication(German) a dance derived from the early 19th-century dance 'Scottish', schottische (German) or Ecossaise (French), which was itself derived from the far older German folk dance, the Hopser.

However, the words lending/sending constitute a double rhyme because two rhyming syllables are used.

When the sounds of their accented syllables and all succeeding sounds are identical, words rhymealso slant rhyme, inexact rhyme, imperfect rhyme, pararhyme, near rhyme, half rhyme, off rhyme, analyzed rhyme, or suspended rhyme, occurs when the correspondence between the two words or syllables is only approximate and not exact.a special type of alliteration in which the repeated pattern of consonants is marked by changes in the intervening vowels - i.e., the final consonants of the stressed syllables match each other but the vowels differ.

(linger/longer/languor, rider/reader/ruder, rabies/robbers)a rhyme that involves two syllables rather than one.

The term comes from the Greek letter rho, denoting "r"a large mbira, in Puerto Rico and Cuba known as a marimbula, that is box-shaped and can be sat on while being played.

The 'rhumba box' carries the bass part of some form of Caribbean music, particularly mento(from Old French, rime, 'series', in turn adopted from Latin rithmus and Greek rhythmos) the similarity of sound between two words.

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