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The 0 will be waived for investors who commit to optional cash investments of at least per month via automatic cash withdrawal from their bank for at least a six month period , custodial accounts may be opened for a minimum of and customers of ALLETE and certain subsidiaries can begin by investing as little as .

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You may also request that a stock certificate be issued for the number of shares you'd like to sell.The signature(s) must be Medallion Guaranteed, that is, your name must be signed on the back of the certificate or the stock power in the presence of an official of a financial institution that is a member of a Medallion Guarantee program.If shares being transferred are represented by a stock certificate, mail the certificate(s) and required documentation by certified or registered mail to our co-transfer agent: To transfer shares held in an Invest Direct® account, send us a letter of instruction or download the stock power form and complete the necessary information. If shares being transferred are held in the Plan, mail the required documentation directly to our Shareholder Services office.Complete the address change form or contact the Shareholder Services office.To change your name on a stock certificate or transfer your shares to someone else, you will need to send us your stock certificate.

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