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UFC star Connor Mc Gregor is all the rage in the fighting game at the moment and a couple of players did a pretty good impersonation of him at the end of year break up.Michael Virgin and Jake Liston both came dressed as the Irish star and both put a lot of time into their preparation.Proudly sponsored by Welcome to the North Adelaide Football Club Photo Gallery.Each week the club's official photographer Deb Curtis will upload images from each round of league games and post them here. No one will be spared and we hope you all take the stories (some might be stretched slightly!!With a little more investigating, it has been confirmed that it is better to walk than jump in the car when the Barrie Robran Medallist is driving a manual!!Michael Handby just can’t let go of the football bug.With weather and oval conditions suiting Handles playing style, he put in a best on ground performance in the low scoring 6 point win.When the Anzac Day medal was announced, ‘Handles’ was already half way up to the podium when they announced one of his team mates as the winner!

‘Handles’ has won back to back flags with the Hills Powerhouse and they have started the season strongly in the quest for a third straight title.On his trip, Scott ran into another Rooster supporter Norm Bennett and they chatted about our great club over a cold beer.Scott has been busy around the club lately, putting together the fantastic displays featured in the function room.‘Handles’ can’t believe that he has been named best by his club in the last two Anzac day clashes but has missed the medal on both occasions.Our Reserves Time Keeper and history committee member Scott Coppin, recently took a cruise to Tasmania to get away from the big smoke.

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