Mentally hadicapped dating a normal person

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British anthropologist Ashley Montague says that no one becomes human until he is molded by social and cultural influences.By this he means that more intelligent and educated people (such as himself) are more human than the inferior elements of society (such as some of the rest of us).The only objective questions we can ask are: Life in the womb represents the next frontier for studies of human development, and the early explorations of the frontier—through ultrasound, fiber-optic cameras, miniature microphones—have yielded startling discoveries.He hears loud music and may even cover his ears at loud noises from the outside world.

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Scales and rulers are no measurement of human nature or worth.Is a 500 pound sumo wrestler more of a person than all of the smaller spectators watching in the stands?Do you become "more of a person" as you grow older and bigger? Who gets to decide at what "point" you truly "become a person"?So somewhere between 150 years ago and now, your life began. The point is, your actual life started at a moment in time.Carl Sagan notwithstanding, the beginning of each human life is not a process, but an event. It is an established scientific fact that life begins at conception.

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