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Because we receive our data from counties via BKFS, we need corrections to be made at the source—the county or township with the inaccurate information.

We understand that you and your client want these important corrections to be made efficiently and effectively, so we encourage property owners to contact their county to adjust these records.

Public records errors could include displaying outdated mortgage information, incorrect tax assessment data or the wrong number of bedrooms for the property, among other things.

These discrepancies may impact the Estimated Home Value shown for the property.

Tax assessment data is typically updated by public records sources on an annual basis.

Deed, mortgage and foreclosure data are updated more frequently, as the data are made publicly available.

Smaller and more rural counties may take up to two months to make such data public.

Once the new data is released by a county, it is collected by Black Knight Financial Services (BKFS), RPR’s partner for public records data.

In other cases, the problem could be outdated public records data.Issues with public records property data fall into three categories: Be aware that RPR does not yet have full nationwide coverage for public records data. Coverage varies by data type (assessment, deed, mortgage and foreclosure).RPR’s public records data covers more than 92% of the country’s population, and has a footprint covering more than 3,000 U. If you notice that a property is missing public records data, you may want to check surrounding properties to see if the problem is lack of coverage for that type of public records data in that area.These offices have a variety of names: Register of Deeds, Deed Recording, Document Recording or others.The office will handle changes to documents recorded at the county like sales, mortgages and foreclosure documentation.

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