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Leave it to Angelina to save the best surprises for last.Patricia "Patti" Stanger (born May 31, 1961) is an American businesswoman and reality television personality.It’s 100 percent ground beef with no LFTB.” H-E-B: “All our ground beef sold at H-E-B is 100% pure with no additives.” Whole Foods: Does not use pink slime. “We do not use finely textured beef in our fresh ground beef. We are routinely presented the finely textured beef as an option, but have always refused.” Safeway: Sells ground beef with filler, but the chain told ABC News it is “reviewing the matter at this time.” Stop & Shop and Giant (both owned by Ahold): Sells regular ground beef with filler, which a spokesman said is “absolutely safe for consumption.” However, ground beef sold under the stores’ Certified Angus Beef and Nature’s Promise brands does not contain pink slime.In other health news: More bad news about red meat: It shortens your life. Trade some of the red meat in your diet for fish, nuts, whole grains, and other healthier protein sources, Harvard researchers say.If you love a juicy burger now and then, or rely on ground beef for quick family meals, you’ve probably been horrified by the recent controversy over “pink slime.” Pink slime, as it was dubbed by two former USDA scientists because of its gelatinous texture, is a cheap filler added to an estimated 70 percent of the ground beef sold at supermarkets and up to 25 percent of each American hamburger patty, according to ABC News.It’s made from the nasty bits and scraps left over from ground beef production, including fat, connective tissue and other remnants that once could only be used in dog food. Because these are the parts of the cow most likely to have fecal contamination, reports ABC News, which did an investigative report on the process.British experts at the world’s biggest artificial joint registry said doctors should stop using metal-on-metal hip replacements, citing an analysis showing they have to be fixed or replaced more often than other implants, USA Today reports.

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The millionaires and 30–40 potential dates first meet at a cocktail party Stanger hosts called a "VIP mixer", where they mingle and the millionaires get to evaluate the candidates.But then one company figured out they could heat, compress and spray the trimmings with ammonium hydroxide gas, which would sterilize any bacteria, and voila! “(Pink slime) kind of looks like play dough,” said Kit Foshee, a former corporate quality assurance manager at Beef Products Inc., the company that makes pink slime.“It’s pink and frozen, it’s not what the typical person would consider meat.” Should all this make you a bit queasy, rest assured that the USDA considers this stuff safe for us to eat because it’s been sanitized with that gas.She is best known for starring in and producing her own matchmaking reality series, The Millionaire Matchmaker, on Bravo TV.She is also founder and CEO of Millionaire's Club International, Inc., a professional matchmaking service for millionaires.

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