Single parent dating emmett idaho

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However, things do not last long between them after it becomes clear that Bay is still not over Emmett.Her feelings become more complicated when she sees a mural Emmett painted depicting their relationship, leading to her breaking it off with Alex.Toward the end of the first season, Bay breaks up with Emmett after she finds out at prom that he slept with Simone her old friend.Following her break up with Emmett, Bay comes home from her summer trip with a new boyfriend.After her initial break up with Emmett, Bay finds that she is immersing herself more and more in her street art, resulting in an unlikely friendship with a fellow artist by the name of Zarra.

In an effort to forget about Ty, she winds up heavily intoxicated.Curious about her biological father, Bay sets out to search for him with help from Emmett. She grows closer with her biological mother and father, even moving in with the two of them at one point.Bay is the first to find out that Angelo got another woman pregnant and now has another daughter as a result of a one-night stand.In the third season, Emmett asks Bay's help on an astronomy project, where it is revealed that he is dating a new girl, Mandy, whom he met online.Despite responding to Bay's kiss, Emmett soon pulls away.

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