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Korsak and Frost find that the victim who survived has an uncle, who was let out of prison six weeks ago.

The unit is called in on the case of a car with no victim, with blood spattered all over the inside.

Meanwhile, Jane helps her mother with her rundown car.

A floater pulled from the Boston Harbor turns out to be the eldest brother of a Boston Brahmin family.

Maura's connection with the family creates tension between her and Jane.

Meanwhile, Angela has begun selling a Polynesian health drink.

When Maura is a no-show at a double shooting, where a father is killed but his som survives, Jane is worried.

Later, at the autopsy on a street junkie, Jane is irritated when Maura is secretive over some texts she is receiving.

The unit finds out their new lieutenant is Joey (Donnie Wahlberg), an old rival of Jane's.

Korsak and Frost investigate the man who was getting the spell cast on him.

When an old girlfriend of Frankie's shows up, Jane is suspicious of her motives.

At the victim's house Jane, Korsak, and Frost find an altar, and a skull, meaning that Helen was a witch.

They also find she owned three acres of land, and has genealogies since 1692.

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